With over a decade of experience in all aspects of the recruitment sphere, we are able to advise and consult to companies both large and small in a number of key strategic areas including:

HR Consulting

  • - Full audit of the Recruitment function
  • - Mapping & streamlining existing HR processes
  • - Advising on how to setup efficient HR functions
  • - Advising the CEO/Board/Heads on talent acquisition, building leadership bench-strength
  • - Talent Mapping & Market Intelligence

What will your organization gain from working on talent mapping?

  • - Comprehensive research reports on talent pools
  • - Long term talent acquisition strategies

Talent Mapping service provides clients with a bespoke report which identifies a target candidate population of both active and passive candidates. The report is a result of focused research using a range of search mechanisms including the latest social media platforms

Talent Mapping is a strategic tool that assists HR specialists and Hiring Managers to plan for long term talent acquisition. The strategy is carried out by compiling on-going research and intelligence about other organizations and the talent within the industry.

Competitive Intelligence about Organisational structures, roles and responsibilities, securing vital information about key personnel within the company and understanding their experience, skills and academic background. This information is collected over a period of time and will help you take informed recruitment decisions.

Leadership Consulting & Training

Getting the most out of your team is the biggest challenge for any leader. At Maxonic Consulting, we have proprietary tools, models and techniques to effect this transformation.

  • Organisational Transformation
  • Leader Development
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Change Leadership

We typically work on all 3 parts of the business

  • - Leader
  • - Team
  • - Organization