About Us

"Getting the right people in the right jobs
is a lot more important than
developing a strategy."

Jack Welch

"Hiring The Best
Is Your Most Important Task"

Steve Jobs

Most CEO’s agree that getting right people to execute leader’s vision is their prime challenge in today’s competitive market. You could also be one of the CXO's or HR Leaders wondering what you could do different to get the best people aligned with your business, rather than just bodies or skills.

Maxonic Consulting had many such leaders work with us. Recently, the CEO of an International IT company told us,

“When I met the other recruitment companies in India, I was completely disappointed. I am new to India and if these people were to represent my company to the talent pool, we sure cannot be talking to the top talented people with these recruiters. With Maxonic, I have complete confidence in your ability and the results you’ve delivered. That’s why I chose Maxonic over other recruitment agencies .”

This was how we began our journey way back in 2007. And we made the project (to hire 35 Oracle Application Product Engineers for this US firm for their ODC in Chandigarh) hugely successful.

Very soon the bigger corporations trusted us with their critical hires. And they have continued their partnerships with us ever since. Some of our client relationship have been forged over 8 years.

Maxonic is an award-winning boutique firm, super specialists in Technology hiring for niche skills for Mid to Senior roles. Reinventing recruitment through leveraging technology whilst maintaining the human connect, Maxonic aims to be your preferred HR partner.

Founded in 2007 by an XLRI HR alumnus, Maxonic has been at the forefront of providing Recruitment services to Fortune 500 Multinational companies and local SME organizations as well. For the last 10+ years we have built an expertise and proven track record, with our speciality being in IT hiring. With our team of seasoned recruiters we are confident in ensuring you get quality candidates, and have an enviable track record of closures on positions (even those that were deemed tough).